Lil Bit of Country on Horseback was founded in 2014 by the Melgoza Family. 

Having lived in Temecula for over a decade, we have watched the Temecula Valley grow into the magnificent place it is today. We wanted to find a way to share it with those visiting but also solve a problem dear to our heart; the recent influx of horses in our area without homes and those horses that face an indefinite fate. This is why we created Lil Bit of Country on Horseback. 

Lil Bit of Country on Horseback primarily

uses horses that have been rescued from

various unstable environments and have been 

given second chances through our company. 

We at LBOC strive to give our horses

a healthy, happy and productive life. 

We think horses are such magnificent, beautiful and powerful animals and we want to share our passion with others.  When new horses arrive at the ranch, they are re-socialized and interacted with on a daily basis to regain their trust with people. Once relaxed in their new environment, they are taken out on trail with our experienced guides until we feel they are safe for our guests. Currently we have 25 horses that are used for trail riding and we have 2 retired horses who have a forever home with us, as they all do.

Come meet us and our family of horses!


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About Lil Bit of Country on Horseback